It seems there is a need for a vehicle which would provide the adidas Runners Zagreb community all the necessary support during their training and events. One which would also visually reflect energy, strength, willpower and dedication of this global running community.

The conceptual design usually begins with an empty white surface. In this case, it was a white van. Compact, with fine and modern lines, but not so powerful. Yes, it looks much better when fully lacquered in deep black tone. After applying the lacquer, the body has been completed with visuals, background in airbrush style and prominent logotypes. All we need are larger black matt rims and the exterior is finished. Or is it? That’s right, just one final touch: bullbar, side bars and that’s it.

The real challenge comes after the exterior adjustments.

To start with, good warm-up implies good and loud motivational music. A subwoofer, four pairs of speakers and a USB radio provide high-quality, loud and clear motivation. This audio system is especially welcome at events visited by Runners, and for this purpose we have also installed an LCD TV and six foldable shelves intended for adidas footwear display.

There is a small minibar installed together with a pullout table for refreshments after the training.

This is all located at the back of the vehicle to ensure sufficient loading space to transport gear and various material.

In the end, after a hard training it is necessary to change into dry clothes. That’s why we have installed a changing room that pulls out through the vehicle’s side door.

client: adidas Croatia

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